Last Week in Review #6

I'm changing this series up a little bit. Rather than listing out a bunch of things I found on the internet over the last week or so, I'm going to take a little more time with just a few of them. Everything I've been listing out here has been something I found really interesting that had something to do with RPGs, and was something I thought other people should check out. Instead of just dropping a list of stuff here, I'm going to provide a couple of sentences as to why you should check something out. There won't be as many links here, at first, but there may be more of an indication as to why I thought something was worth spreading around.

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Talking Table Top 007: Talking with Chris Hussman

Chris Hussman and Jim McLure's discussion about evangelizing the hobby really struck a chord with me. They talked at length about "Gamer Shame" and how it makes this hobby challenging to evangelize. This struck a chord with me because I never really thought about how this impacts me. I've never really thought felt that I carried this shame, but as they talked through it I realized that I probably do. I have no problems talking with my friends and family about gaming, but it's not something I'll discuss with people in general. It's really got me thinking about why I don't really talk about it with people who aren't in my trusted circle, and is making me think I should go about changing that.

Nuts & Bolts #53 - Year of the Demon Lord - Blackstone Ford

Marc Plourde just put up an article on his blog detailing the town our group just arrived in. The town of Blackstone Ford takes its name from the massive stones that sit on the banks of the river on the south end of town. It's a great little overview of the town that we'll probably be spending some time in. There are notable characters, and then a few interesting hooks for our characters that I'm looking forward to messing around with. Mad scientist? Mysterious rune engraved monoliths? Ancient ruins? Our next session can't come soon enough.