Last Week in Review #7

A couple of articles today. One hits on the last game I played in, which was fun; while the other discusses player secrets which is something I've been thinking about a bit recently. As always, send me more stuff at Twitter of Google+

A Strange Halloween - Troy Pichelman

Troy is one of the GMs for our Tuesday night group, though he's taking a break while our other GM runs Achtung Cthulhu for a few months. Occasionally we have to change plans as life gets in the way, and that's what happened this week. Troy was prepared for the occasion and ran A Strange Halloween for The Strange from Monte Cook Games. He even had us give character creation a try and it went really well. We had two players who didn't have a whole lot of experience with the Cypher System, but we helped them out and put together characters pretty quickly.

The game itself was a ton of fun. It was neat to put on weird characters for one night and just roll with what happened. Games running the Cypher System are quickly becoming my favorite.

Angry Rants: Secrets (Part 1) - Angry GM

The Angry GM has a lot of interesting things to say about RPGs. His latest rant is about secrets, specifically player secrets, and how they're garbage. I've been thinking about secrets in RPGs a lot recently, and I'm pretty much on the same page with Angry on this topic. Secrets are fun for the people that know them, but they're awful when they aren't given out. From the GM side of the table I've got a ton of secrets, but without any context the players will never figure them out.