Last Week in Review #8

Well, Friday really snuck up on me this week. Things got really busy in all sorts of ways. Aside from my current project really getting rolling, I found myself getting things prepared for my D&D campaign. That session summary will be going up on Monday. Then on Wednesday I was able to sit down and play a game of Horus Heresy, which was super complicated and a lot of fun. Last night we wrapped our third session of Year of the Demon Lord and I ended up spending some time trying to figure out what I want to do for level 2.

I've only got one thing to post here today, so as always send me more stuff at Twitter of Google+.

Memoirs of Reudan - Chapter 3

Troy put together his narrative write up of the second session and took it upon himself to resolve the bandit issue. Having the month of downtime with loose ends that needed to be cleaned up was an interesting problem. Troy's solution was fun, and Marc wove it into our campaign's history. He even used an idea from 13th Age (which he draws a lot of inspiration from) to have us detail the month of downtime.