Numenera for New Years

I've been running Dungeons and Dragons for my friends and the kids when we get together. We've had a few sessions so far, and it's been pretty fun. I've kept the rules as light as I can, similar to what I do for Numenera one shots, but there's still a lot of mechanical overhead that comes with the system. I'm not terribly interested in going through rules every time we get together, which is only a few times a year, so I've been thinking over running Numenera for them instead. There are only a couple of things I need to work out; should I use pregen characters, and what adventure should I run?

My friend's kids would probably get a big kick out of creating their own characters. Madeline, who is 13, plays D&D with a group at school. She'd have no problems putting together a Numenera character. She strikes me as a player who is into the game for the experience, so making a character with a couple of lines to form a sentence would work perfectly. Anderson, who is 11, really got into the mechanical parts of the D&D sessions I ran. He was the wizard, and being able to cast spells that did all sorts of interesting things really got him fired up. I imagine he'd want to read through the character creation rules and really put together a character with all sorts of interesting powers.

I've also go my friend and my daughter, who I think will just use pregen characters. My friend and I are both old now, and getting familiar with the mechanics of a system isn't something we get into anymore. My daughter has really picked up on reading, and enjoys playing certain games, but she's nowhere near ready to put together a character. However, I bet the two of us could take some time and come up with a unique character for her on our own before we head down there. 

Regarding the adventure I'm going to run, I'm planning on digging into the Weird Discoveries book to find some inspiration. It's done well for me before, and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find something in there for this group. There are a couple of things I need to keep in mind, however. I'm running the game for a couple of young kids, so nothing horrific. I'd also like to find a scenario that is lighter on combat. I'd like to show the group that there is a lot of fun to be had with the Cypher System outside of combat, so a scenario where they won't have to fight everything would be a nice change of pace from D&D. I'm also trying to come up with a goal or a mission the group will be on. Giving the kids a tangible goal will take care of a lot of the questions about motivation.

It's been a dry couple of months thanks to the holidays and life in general. I expect I'll be back in the gaming swing sometime next month.