Quick Character Creation for Numenera

I've been messing around with one shots for Numenera and I was curious to see if I could trim character creation down to something that could be done quickly. I wanted to introduce new players to the game by showing them how easy it was to create characters even with no system knowledge. In order to do that, I had my players for the New Year's game write out a sentence for their characters by filling in a few blanks. If you've played any Cypher System game, then you'll be familiar with this sentence.

I am a _________________      _________________ who __________________.

The players selected words from a list that I built from the Numenera Descriptors, Types, and Foci. My only instruction was to make a sentence they thought was cool. Once the players had their sentences put together, I then walked them through filling in the important details of their characters. All in all, character creation took about 10 minutes per player. Most of the time was spent writing down the basics for their characters, but it was pretty fun.

My New Year's players really seemed to dig building the sentences to generate their characters. I liked how open and easy it made character creation seem. If I were to do this sort of thing again, I'd have to make the follow up to the sentence briefer. Not sure how I'd do that just yet, but I'm messing around with it. You can check out the document I used here.

I'm just about back to normal life after the holidays, and will start putting stuff up here again on a more regular schedule.