Fate of the Five - Living on the Edge

It was a short session tonight. We were down one player at the start, so I tried to stall a bit until he could make it. We eventually started the game up and got through some stuff that I thought was interesting.

Session review

The group had started moving some of the captured Crusaders to the water filled room where they'd be able to get them out safely. While this was happening, Krunk stumbled into another room where Inquisitors were torturing another Crusader. She managed to smooth talk her way out of any serious trouble, and bought the rest of the group enough time to sneak the prisoners out. The situation got a bit tense when Krunk talked her way into interrogating the prisoner herself. Light of the Feather did managed to show up just in time, and took over the delicate direction of the torture himself. His lecture about the finer points of torture motivated the Inquisitors to take a break, and in their absence Light and Krunk escorted the Crusader out.

This was an interesting point of the night. Krunk's player did some great role playing here, and it was a ton of fun to have her interacting with these characters she didn't like at all. The moment she took the knife from the Inquisitors left us all in suspense. Apparently we all thought she was going to do something different. In the end, the scene was pretty fun and gruesome. 

After the group cleared the Crusaders out of the dungeons, they headed back to the door they hadn't been through in the lost chambers. Aeyrn opened the door and upon seeing a host of fomor at the end of a long hall, he decided he'd head down there and use the Eye once again. The fomor laughed and taunted him as he strode confidently into an arrow trap. After getting peppered with arrows, he charged after the fomor.

He ran into a large room that opened up upon an infinitely deep abyss. To the right, a bridge spanned the abyss, while to the left a hallway ran into a sheltered room. The fomor had split and were covering the room to the left, while another group charged across the bridge to the right. Across the abyss Aeyrn spied his wife poised to plunge a dagger into their son's chest, and his brother Jaren chanting some sort of spell. Aeryn charged out on the bridge and annihilated the fomor with the Eye which grew even larger in size.

The rest of the group came barreling in. As Aeryn ran across the bridge, singing song to try and charm his wife out of whatever spell she was under a demon came flying up from the darkness of the pit. Krunk and Shart went to work on the demon while Aeryn attempted to get his spell off. Light of the Feather flanked the other way, breaking through the fomor with his multiple copies. 

  (c) 2016 Schwalb Entertainment, LLC

(c) 2016 Schwalb Entertainment, LLC

After nearly killing Aeryn, the demon was slain. Its sword went clattering into the abyss, slipping out of Shart's fingers. Aeryn's spell went off, but neither his wife nor Jaren were charmed by it. At the same moment, Light of the Feather burst into the room and turned Aeryn's wife into a pig. The pig scrambled away from Light toward the bridge, and skittered off in fright as Aeryn came charging at her. Aeryn attempted to grab the pig as she fell, but he was too slow. Aeryn and Krunk did make short work of Jaren, and this time he stayed dead.