My Favorite Die Roll of the Campaign

This will be brief, as I'm typing with just one hand for the week. I'll be back to normal next time.

The D&D campaign is wrapping up in the next few months. Things have been altered quite a bit thanks to the bard. The group was retaking their stronghold, and had cornered the vampire who was now running things. She'd been backed into a corner, and was running out of tricks. Things were looking grim for her.

Brand, our bard who is a sucker for a pretty face, was a bit reluctant to just kill her off so he made a rather compelling argument. I was thinking it would be slightly challenging to sway her, so I set the difficulty at 20. I should have known better as Brand rolled a 34 on his persuasion check. I figured such a result warranted something really monumental, so now Elise is running things for the group. This also made the group decide to leave their stronghold and head off to destroy the lich who sent them to the Abyss. My expectation of having a few more sessions running an evil organization was also tossed out the window.

Honestly, this is way more exciting.