Organizing My Campaign With Trello

I forget where I initially ran into this article, but Easy Dungeon Master Preparation by Michael Harrison on Geek Dad is pretty great. Give it a read, as it's full of useful information and has some great ideas on how to get your campaign organized. He ended up putting all of his index cards into Trello and hooked into donjon to make it easy to come up with stuff on the fly. This was all great stuff, and since I was in the middle of setting up for my next session I figured I'd give it a whirl.

I'm terrible at getting organized. I've tried putting things together on index cards, but I'll lose them after a few sessions. I've done the whole "campaign in a box" thing, but I'll usually forget to put something back in the box and that'll be the end of that. I've got notes in Evernote, One Note, in text files on Drop Box, and notebooks that are scattered all of my house. Ultimately, I've not found a solution that works for me during the session. I'm hoping that I'll get some use out of putting my notes together in Trello and hooking into the donjon tools.

I've put together all of the stuff I think I need for the next session, and the nice links into donjon should help me pivot when my players obviously break everything. Perhaps my favorite thing is the random names and NPCs that I've put together. I can never come up with names on the fly, but this will give me a nice place to go to when it comes up.

Perhaps my next post will be about how this is changing how I run my sessions for the better.