The End of Times

Slightly shorter post today after putting together all that stuff about The Idealizer

Things are starting to draw to a close in my D&D campaign. It's been a good run, but things are wrapping up. There are a handful of sessions left, and I'm not entirely sure how we're going to end it all. Looking back on it, I'd say this has been a pretty good campaign. Two big changes came with the start of this campaign; 5th edition, and the evil alignment. 

We started this campaign up right after I got my hands on the Dungeon Master's Guide. I'd run a few sessions from the Starter Set. It's fantastic, and if you're curious about D&D it's money well spent. The adventure was a nice way for all of us to dip our toes into what 5th edition was going to be like. It convinced me that I'd be happy with the early levels, though I was happy with 4e's early levels. The lightness of the rules was comforting.

Having run a campaign for nearly 18 months, I'd say that 5th edition has held up very well. The characters are getting more complicated, but I don't feel like the game is bogging down because of it. Encounters can go by pretty quickly, and the big ones stick around long enough to feel important. It's a great system that I'd run again after I stretch my legs a bit.

I also broke down and agreed to run an evil campaign. I wasn't sure it would work out for a whole campaign, but it's been pretty fun. Adventurers tend to be slightly awful people, and taking away their morality was entertaining at times. Our campaign never got weird, and I can confidently say it never got terribly dark.

Not like that time in our Achtung Cthulhu game. Nope, not even close.

The end is coming, perhaps we'll have a dramatic death to rival Snails' noble sacrifice.