Shadow of the Demon Lord ancestry reference

There are a lot of ancestries spread throughout the Shadow of the Demon Lord books at this point. This list collects all of them, along with a quick summary and where to find them.

Ancestry Summary Location
Cambion Devil-human half breeds destined to go to Hell. EA 41
Centaur Half human, half horse, all about protecting their own. RotW 2
Changeling Faerie constructed shapeshifters. SotDL 13
Clockwork Mechanical construct. Physically resilient, but difficult to repair. SotDL 15
Dwarf Gruff, resilient, and beardy. SotDL 17
Elf Enchanting faerie with their own alien morality. TB 7
Faun Faerie-human half breeds who aren't at home anywhere. DLC 5
Gnome Stone elementals created by genies created to build and shape things. CotE 2
Goblin Sneaky faerie creatures with odd habits. SotDL 19
Halfling Lucky hobbits. Like kender, but no wanderlust. DLC 7
Hobgoblin Created for battle by the fey, prone to frenzies when fighting. TB 9
Human Well rounded, nothing special. SotDL 11
Orc Massive brutes created to kill. SotDL 21
Pixie If you want a race that's chaotic neutral, this is it. TB 11
Revenant The Crow. TotD 5
Salamander Humanoid fire elementals created by genies. TotD 7
Vampire It's a vampire. TotD 9