Fate of the Five - Sad Times in Asylum

We just wrapped up the first session of our Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign. This is my quick little wrap up, along with some notes about things I need to remember for next time. If you're one of my players, no worries, I won't be putting any sensitive information in here. If I do end up putting stuff in here I don't want my players to read I'll figure out a way to hide it.

Character creation

The first thing we took care of tonight was character creation. I'd asked everyone to pick an ancestry to start off with prior to the evening so we'd be able to hop right into creation. Overall, it took about 45 minutes to put five characters together, get names, answer some rules questions, and ask a bunch of story related questions that would put everyone in the town of Asylum. We have an interesting mix.

Aeryn - Human Revenant

Mark built up an interesting ancestry. Aeryn is a human revenant who has arrived in Asylum to kill the local magistrate, Jaren. Turns out, Jaren is his brother and also put him in the dirt. To add insult to... death... Jaren also had Areyn's wife and son live with him. Jaren also had a daughter, but she died, or was killed.

This will be an interesting thread to follow up. I was initially thinking I'd use Jaren as a hook to pull Aeryn's interest into the session, but it seemed like killing him off this early would end Aeryn's interest in pretty much everything. We'll see where this goes.

Krunk - Orc

Much to nobody's surprise, Trina started down the path of building a bruiser with the orc ancestry. I was pleased when the personality she rolled was simply Kill!!! She'll have fun with that character when it starts getting more powerful.

Krunk just arrived in Asylum as part of a job. Turns out, she's a contract killer and she's been hired to kill the local magistrate, Jaren. I'm glad she urged Mark to make Jaren the man he seeks vengeance upon, and I'm glad he went with it. This should also be interesting.

Shart - Goblin

Jim put together a secretive little goblin who is apparently the 17th heir of the goblin king. I'm not sure what's going on with him just yet, but I've got some ideas to run with regarding his history. Heritage might be important eventually.

Shart just arrived in Asylum and has been laying low, stealing here and there, pulling pranks when he can.

Chert - Gnome

Troy created a tiny little gnome who is good at fixing things. He's small and adorable, and Trina loves him.

Chert has been in Asylum for a while and he's been useful around town. People like having him around and he's quickly becoming the local handyman. He's got something going on with his background, which I'll have to find out about.

Azeeze - Centaur

We have a powerful ancestry in our campaign and it's pretty interesting. Jason created Azeeze the centaur and he's pretty competent. He's looking to get to a more civilized location, but he has been in Asylum for years. It seems like he's running from something, but he might find it difficult to leave the gnome behind.

Session review

This may have been the first time I've just had the players put together characters without explicit ties between them. It was a bit scattered early on as some of them were interested in the things that were happening, and others were doing their own thing. I hopped around between them a bit, but eventually everyone got curious about the bodies that were showing up in Asylum. Signs were pointing them down the well, but there was a really big issue with that. As it turns out, centaurs cannot climb. I did, however, listen to the ideas the players were spit balling and when they went out of town to find another way into the ruins below they just so happened to find one. They probably could have found one in town as well, but at that point I was scrambling to figure out how they'd be getting down there.

There was a lot of character interaction going on between the players this time around. It was pretty fun to sit back and just let them go for a while. However, we'd spent a good 45 minutes early on building characters, so I had to gloss over some stuff to keep things moving along. We didn't get through the whole first adventure, but I'm hoping to wrap it up pretty quickly next time.

One of the spots I was wondering about was combat. The first fight the group had was with a tiny demon down in the ruins (Mark suggested it be an excrement demon, his fault). The fight was really quick. I think it took about 10 minutes to get through the whole thing. The second encounter we had was with a large spider, which took a bit longer. It was a tougher enemy, but rounds were quick and things moved along at a good pace. It was also fun having Krunk suck poison out of Shart's neck for the majority of the fight. We'll see how things go when I have to deal with more monsters.

Things to remember

  • Aeryn and Krunk want to kill the magistrate who is currently in High Watch.
  • The magistrate is living with Aeryn's family. Why?
    • I have some thoughts on this.
  • We're going to be spending some time in Asylum, so I'd better get it more fleshed out.
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(c) 2016 Schwalb Entertainment, LLC