Fate of the Five - Changing of the Guard

This was the third session of the Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign. Once again, we have had a major shake up. New people have arrived, old friends have left, and an enemy has shown his face.

Session review

We picked up in the beastman camp. Shart and Krunk opted to head back to town, as they were not feeling quite themselves after nearly dying to the bloody bones. Azeeze, Chert, and Aeyrn were not to be dissuaded and they pushed on. They picked the trail of the bloody bones up and followed it to an ancient abandoned shrine in the woods. Within there was a pit, at the bottom of which was a pool of water. Azeeze had the bright idea to throw a rock into the water, after which a chainbound rose up from under the surface and attempted to eat said rock. This allowed the party to strategize and come up with a good plan to deal with the massive animated corpse. Chert armored up and marched down to the water. Another rock was thrown in which got the chainbound to rise up again. At that moment Chert dropped his armor and blasted the creature with a massive blast of earthen energy. The chainbound was grievously injured and struck out at the gnome, killing him instantly.

Troy had a great idea. He used a spell of his to charge up and deal 9d6 damage to the chainbound for 34 points of damage. The creature wasn't killed, and hit back for 16 points of damage. Since that exceeded Chert's health that meant he was instantly killed. It was rather exciting.
 The gnome formerly known as Chert. Image courtesy of Troy Pichelman

The gnome formerly known as Chert. Image courtesy of Troy Pichelman

Azeeze and Aeryn were distraught seeing their friend killed in such a manner. They tried to take down the chainbound, but it proved to powerful and they were forced to retreat. Azeeze had suffered nearly debilitating wounds attempting to get Chert's body back from the undead creature, and needed to rest. They got back to Asylum and Azeeze promptly retired to his house and stayed put for a couple of days.

While in town, Aeryn spoke with Saul, the head guardsman. He informed them of the happenings at the shrine, and volunteered to help them set watch after he rested. Unfortunately, his brother had dispatched a pair of harvester assassins to take him out. Nebog and Nedlog had a lot of issues trying to take Aeryn out, as the crafty revenant was able to charm Nebog. Eventually, they killed him and threw him out into the alley. Being a revenant, Aeryn was back up a few hours later, although he was a bit crazier.

I had considered sending just one of the brothers in to deal with Aeryn. I'm glad there were two. He put up a good fight, but once the two were after him the fight was over quickly. This was just another step in getting Jaren to be more annoying.

We fast forwarded a bit at this point. Azeeze had slept off his injuries and was back out and ready to help the town. Aeyrn was hiding in the woods outside of town, licking his wounds and getting ready to go after Jaren. As Azeeze headed out of town with the watchmen and the magistrate's (Jaren's) personal guards he was joined by the elf Light of the Feather.

Light of the Feather was Troy's new character. An elf who had befriended Aeryn long ago and was tracking him down.

With the magistrate unprotected, Jaren was thinking he'd be able to waltz right in and kill him. Jaren was prepared for this situation. After the initial spell from Aeryn, Jaren was able to dominate him and send him out with a compulsion to retrieve chaos shards from the sunken shrine. Aeyrn caught up with the group and they were back to the shrine.

The group, reinforced with watchmen and guards, made short work of the chainbound and animated corpses. They explored the ruins, encountering some horrific stuff. The watchmen fled in terror after seeing the image of an elf woman rip her eyes out. The guardsmen went down after a living statue crushed their heads. Eventually they found a dish of chaos shards. As they were fighting their way in the bloody bones ambushed them once again. After killing one off they barricaded the door and hunkered down.

  (c) 2016 Schwalb Entertainment, LLC

(c) 2016 Schwalb Entertainment, LLC

Honestly, the bloody bones have been the biggest villains in the campaign so far.

After holding up for the better part of a day, they were ready to get back out and track the last bloody bones down. Just as they were about to head out, the door started banging on its hinges. Aeryn flung the door open and Azeeze let fly a bolt from his crossbow right into Krunk's chest.

Things to remember

  • Chert is dead, what happened to his lab?
  • Krunk just got shot in the chest for 6 damage.
  • Aeryn has been gone longer than his compulsion would have lasted.