Fate of the Five - Shake up in Asylum

Things have changed quite a bit in our Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign.

Session review

When we last left our... protagonists, they were trapped down in the bottom of the ancient shrine just outside Asylum. Krunk and Shart busted their way into the blocked off altar room to come to the rescue, only to have Azeeze mistakenly shoot Krunk. Not wasting any time, Krunk knocked the centaur out.

Azeeze's player was out of town for this session, so this was a good way to remove him from the game for the night. Not totally believable, but it is much better than what I usually go for.

They combed through the rest of the shrine, finding some helpful items, but no bloody bones. The most interesting thing they came upon was a Feeding Cube. This faerie relic was a 3' cube of regenerating meat. Much discussion was had about what to do with such a bountiful treasure as they ate suspicious steaks cut from the cube. Light of the Feather did not wish to destroy Asylum's economy by introducing a never ending food source, and it was decided they would keep it hidden away for the time being. Krunk carved it apart so it was just a seed of meat and placed it in her backpack.

I wasn't expecting much of anything from the meat cube. My players got really interested in it, and the implications of it. I just sat back and listened to them argue over it for a good 15 minutes or so. Sometimes, being a GM is pretty easy.

On their way back to town they discovered the skinned corpse of Saul, the head guardsman. It was clear he was yet another victim of the bloody bones. Krunk wanted to charge off after the beast, but Aeryn was adamant about bringing Saul back for a proper burial.

The following day it was discovered that Chert's lab had been invaded, and the saltwater decanter had been stolen. Aeryn's widow didn't show up to the inn like she did every morning. These two events converged at the magistrate's house. Rather than confronting the man immediately, the group opted to head out after the bloody bones. They tracked the creature down and quickly dispatched it.

Good rolls and an extra level will do some really gnarly things to foes that used to be challenging.

The group carried the bloody bones' head back to the Magistrate's office in order to collect the reward for it. Aeryn opted to head to the inn to talk with Adele a bit more. Just as they were about to collect their money Krunk decided it would be a good time to kill Jaren, the man she'd been hired to assassinate. Unfortunately for her, Jaren always had a host of tiny demons traveling with him. One of the creatures blocked her strike, but was killed. The office soon became a scene of utter chaos.

Light of the Feather produced a flamethrower and lit Krunk and Jaren up, also igniting the book shelves lining the wall. The sudden flames blew out the windows, alerting Aeryn that something was up.

This was a bit of GM magic. Aeryn was not in the scene, but it would have been a real downer to have him miss it. Having the fire blow out the windows of the office seemed like a really good way to pull him over. It also introduced a nasty complication in which everyone would need to make a Strength check to avoid taking damage at the start of their turns. This check got harder as the rounds went by, but the fight only lasted three or four rounds. 
  (c) 2016 Schwalb Entertainment, LLC

(c) 2016 Schwalb Entertainment, LLC

Aeryn managed to get to the Magistrate's office in time to deliver the killing blow. Jaren pleaded for his life, dangling the life of Aeryn's widow in front of him. Aeryn was consumed with revenge and sliced Jaren's head clean off.

I was very pleased with this outcome. I thought Jaren might live through this, but Aeryn was not having it.

After Jaren was killed they captured his associate, Adele. She informed them that Aeryn's wife and son were being transported to High Watch and their plan to summon Valagius the Executioner could not be stopped. Aeryn killed her too.

Aeryn is up to 3 Corruption at this point. It's starting to carry some consequence with it now.

Things to remember

  • All of the NPCs of note in Asylum are dead now.
  • Aeryn fulfilled his revenge. Will he still be motivated to continue living?
  • Nebog and Nedlog are transporting Aeryn's family to High Watch.