Fate of the Five - Meet and Greet

The sixth session of our short, possibly 11 session campaign of Shadow of the Demon Lord just finished up. High Watch is in bad shape. The Inquisition is torturing Crusaders, a plague has befallen the citizenry, and there's all sorts of bad stuff happening. Good thing our group of heroes is here to help them out.

Session review

After a bit of mucking about, the group introduced themselves to Renee Caldwell, the captain of the Crusaders in High Watch. They'd helped fight off the skeletons, and managed to administer some healing to one of her men. After a bit of discussion, she requested they help get her Crusaders out of the dungeons. Not seeing a good way forward, the group asked if there was some way to convince the Inquisitors that the Crusaders were not part of a secret cult. She saw the rationale of their plan, and told them to speak to Brand who could get them into the lost dungeons that had been sealed up generations ago. They also managed to convince her to send one of the Crusaders along with them, and Light of the Feather cast a glamour on him before they went back to town to get a quick rest.

Before getting to the inn, the group encountered a trio of plague doctors. The doctors sold tinctures that would ward off the plague, and made note of the number of people in their group; six, not five. A short scene occurred in the morning as the Inquisition was waiting for the group as they set out. Light of the Feather was able to convince Inquisitor their extra companion was simply a member of town who was guiding them about.

With that behind them, the group made their way over to Brand who was camped out as a beggar in front of an old burned down inn. He showed them a secret entrance to the lost dungeons and got them inside.

Within the dungeons, they found horrors upon horrors. Somehow, beastmen had gotten into the abandoned dungeon and were ripping Crusaders apart. Aeryn blew apart an entire room of beastment with the Eye of the Demon Lord. However, after invoking the Eye's power it grew considerably in size. That's probably not good.

  (c) 2016 Schwalb Entertainment, LLC

(c) 2016 Schwalb Entertainment, LLC

After digging through the dungeons for a bit, they found a room filled with a ankle deep pool of blood. Aeryn spotted a strange reflection in the blood, that of a similar room but filled with water. He tried to drink the blood, but noticed his hand slipped straight through where the floor should be. Encouraged by this he dove through and emerged on the other side. His companions eventually joined him.

What they found was that they were in the dungeons the Inquisitors were torturing the Crusaders in. Being somewhat curious, Krunk peeked through a door and found Inquisitors in the middle of torturing some Crusaders. Unfortunately, she's not very sneaky and was spotted immediately.

It seems like this might go badly, but who's to say?