Fate of the Five - Happy Trails

We've wrapped the fifth session of the Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign. Asylum has been left to its own devices and the group is now in High Watch trying to find Aeryn's family. 

Session Review

We brought Azeeze back into the campaign with him waking up in his house in Asylum. Krunk had concussed him, so he was a bit groggy as he stumbled out of his house. He spotted Aeryn charging into the magistrate's burning house, then saw him chase the innkeeper down in the town square. He headed to the magistrate's house in time to witness Aeryn execute the innkeeper, accusing her of colluding with the magistrate to summon a demon.

Azeeze and Aeryn discussed the happenings while Shart snooped around the smoldering office of the magistrate. The goblin found a secret staircase behind the bookshelves which lead down to an underground lab. Within the lab they found a mirror that could be used to speak with another mirror somewhere else. Aeryn also found the Eye of the Demon Lord, and became much crazier and more corrupted when he picked it up.

Yeah, Aeryn failed his Will check to resist the Eye's effects. And then I rolled a 6 on the 1d6 Corruption roll. That boosted him right up to 9 corruption, which means instant death if he's ever incapacitated. I'd better suggest Mark put together an extra character in case this happens.
  (c) 2016 Schwalb Entertainment, LLC

(c) 2016 Schwalb Entertainment, LLC

Suspecting that Jaren was using the mirror to communicate with someone Light of the Feather disguised Aeryn to look like his brother. Given Aeryn's background as a performer he'd have a good shot at pulling the ruse off. Light activated the mirror and Aeryn got to have a face to face with a cultist of some significance. The cultist was taken in by Aeryn's ruse, and urged him to get to High Watch quickly.

Before hitting the road, the group decided it would be best to leave the meat cube with Asylum. They dragged it over to the remaining guards, Clem and Guy. There was a bit of discussion about how to properly handle the meat cube. Clem was rather skeptical, and wanted nothing to do with a 3' cube of meat that would regenerate every morning. Azeeze assured him it would be all right. After that encouragement, the guards seemed to be all right with carving the cube up to keep the town fed.

This was a fun little scene in which the players debated how to best instruct the guards on how to carve the regenerating meat cube each day. Light of the Feather's logical instructions made sense, but the strange nature of the cube and the elf's alien presence put the guards off. It was a fun interaction and a proper send off to Asylum.

The group arrived in High Watch a few days later and setup in the Broken Blade, managed by Durd Tregmak. As they were getting settled, Krunk noticed that most of the people in town were stricken with some sort of disease. Before she could do more than take note a pair of men dressed as Crusaders came running down the street pursued by four Inquisitors of the New God. The group helped apprehend the Crusaders and were invited to meet High Inquisitor Drayner at the Citadel of High Watch.

Drayner rubbed everyone the wrong way.

Zealots have a way of making my group angry and suspicious. It's a fun role to play.

The group did agree to help Drayner ferret out the cult that had corrupted the Crusaders. They even had a really good plan. Drayner arranged for a Crusader to be freed from the dungeons, but it would seem as though the Crusader had escaped. Shart would then follow the man to find out where he'd run to.

They were looking for a good spot to hid out in the graveyard north of the Citadel, where the man would be "released." While in the graveyard they ran across a ghoul who'd been snacking on an infant. It was a fairly quick fight, and then it was time to hide and wait.

Thank you, Demon Lord, for being so vile.

On schedule, the Crusader was released from the dungeons under the Citadel. Shart followed the man into the Desolation to a ruined shrine. When the rest of the group caught up they spied nine skeletons charging to the shrine. Not wanting to lose the lead on the hiding Crusaders, the group charged the shrine themselves.

Once the dust settled, nearly all of the six crusaders in the shrine had fallen to skeletons. Renee Caldwell removed her helmet to thank the group for their help. Without their intervention the Crusaders would have been slaughtered.

Things to remember

  • The group has room and board at the Broken Blade thanks to Inquisitor Drayner.
  • The town of Asylum will probably have plenty to eat thanks to the meat cube.