RPG a Day 2017 - Day 6

You can game every day for a week. Describe what you'd do!

This is very nearly what happens when I attend GenCon. That's basically four days of gaming that I get to do.

I'd put together materials for a whole bunch of one shots. First I'd prepare to run something with the Cypher System (I'll be running Predation for MCG this year). I would also put together everything I'd need to run Dungeon World and World Wide Wrestling, which are my favorite Apocalypse World games at the moment. Finally, I'd grab some playsets for Fiasco that sound fun.


Once I've got all of the stuff together that I want to run, I'd get in touch with my GM friends and recruit them to run some games as well. All one shots, all the time. Campaign play can wait for my regularly scheduled game night.