Diving into Kingdom Death: Monster and miniature painting

I initially picked Kingdom Death: Monster (KDM) up because it looked like it would fulfill all of the requirements that my friend Jim and I were looking for in a cooperative game. We wanted a game that had a campaign that would last for a while, and Jim loves collecting items from monsters in RPGs and trying to do something useful with them. KDM would give us a big campaign in which we'd build and maintain a settlement, craft gear out of monster parts, and have big fights against giant monsters in a horrific world of darkness.


The game showed up and I was prepared to assemble the models. I was also prepared to do a very simple priming and dry brushing on them to give them some personality. What I wasn't prepared for was how much I'd actually enjoy assembling and painting those figures. 

I'm getting ready to dive into miniature painting. Not terribly deep, but far enough that I can paint up miniatures from other games to give them a little extra personality. I'm also getting ready to start posting about KDM.

 The Butcher painted up in my quick style.

The Butcher painted up in my quick style.