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MumfordCon 17

The festivities will officially start at 12pm on Friday, February 17th. There will be space available on Thursday, February 16th, for anyone that wants to spend the night here. There are two beds available, and they are given on a first come first served basis.

Haven’t been to MumfordCon before? MumfordCon is three days of board gaming in my basement. Bring games that you want to play, or join in with the games that are available. You can see how many people are around by following the Twitter feed, which will also tell you when we’re back up and playing. There is generally food available (chili, pizza, etc), but I'd advise you to bring snacks for yourself if you want something in particular. You are welcome to bring friends along, the only requirement is that they’re cool.

Werewolf usually starts around 9pm and runs until everyone is too tired to continue. Another shorter social deduction game that will be showing up is Secret Hitler. It's shorter and doesn't require a narrator, so it's pretty nifty. We had a bit of fun with it at PitchCon, so we'll probably try it out again. There may be a wrestling RPG of some sort happening, I have to talk to Troy about this before the event.