Year of the Demon Lord

If you're wondering what Year of the Demon Lord is it's a Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign that I'm playing in online. This page will have all of the information you need to catch up with what's going on. Characters, past and present, are listed below, along with blog posts that have been published on various web sites about the campaign itself.

The Game Master

Marc Plourde, author of the Inspiration Strikes blog, is our game master for the Year of the Demon Lord campaign. Check out his site for all of the great stuff he's putting together about the campaign, story seeds, and other games he's interested in. He updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Characters

Former Characters

Campaign History

These are the collected posts pertaining to the Year of the Demon Lord campaign. I'm trying to capture everything here, so if I've missed something be sure to let me know.

Session 9 - The Final Session (8/25/2016)

The group returns to Blackstone Ford with a cure provided to them by Mother Innoden. Are they the saviors the town has been looking for after all?

  • Characters: Fox, Reudan, Runt, Sage

Session 8 - This is No Cave (7/7/2016)

The group stops in the town of Thorp and volunteers to help the local lord locate his children. Perhaps they'll be able to get aid for Blackstone Ford in return for their help.

Session 7 - Bigger and better (6/2/2016)

The changeling that was impersonating Jareth has been destroyed, and the other Cobb sister has been saved. What does the future hold for Blackstone Ford and our heroes?

Session 6 - Into the Blackstone Ruins (4/7/2016)

The undead that rose up to threaten Blackstone Ford have been destroyed, but where did they come from?

Session 5 - The Undertaker's Apprentice (3/10/2016)

The group hunts down the undertaker's apprentice who is much more than he appears to be.

Session 4 - Death Comes to Blackstone Ford, part 2 (1/7/2016)

The bone pile was scattered when the group returned the following day. Things quieted down after that, but strange things began happening in Blackstone Ford over the next few weeks. The group reconnects after a young woman in town goes missing.

Session 3 - Death Comes to Blackstone Ford, part 1 (11/5/2015)

The group grows accustomed to the quiet life in Blackstone Ford, making ends meet as they can. The peaceful respite is interrupted by a pile of corpses in the woods.

Session 2 - The Road to Blackstone Ford, part 2 (10/8/2015)

The group makes their way toward Blackstone Ford while dealing with more bandits and old ladies in huts in the woods.

Session 1 - The Road to Blackstone Ford, part 1 (9/10/2015)

The group gets thrown together while fleeing from bandits and camps out in the woods at a haunted tower.